Dennis Quaid Going All “Dopey the Dick” On the Crew is Fake


    For all of you out there who have been on set with a serious sack of douches, like we’ve all been at one point or another… as much as I like the guy, I’m glad to hear that Dennis Quaid going full-speed Christian Bale on his crew is all Funny-or-Die bullshit.  I do so like Funny or Die.  I also like Dennis Quaid, which is why it’s awesome this was fake.

    But…  a side consequence of this is now we’re all probably just that much more weary of trusting a frigging thing that happens on the internet.  All except for that Flo from Geico, I’m sure everyone trusts her.  Right, Flo?


    Check it out.  My favorite part is the Dopey the Dick part…  from the Entertainment Weekly article:

    The beginning of the video features actual footage of news anchors covering Quaid’s freakout, and then launches into a scene starring Quaid sitting at the same desk where he has his hissy fit. He soon starts yelling–and it turns out he insults he threw around in the “leaked” video are literal: “Dopey the Dick” is his name for a man dressed in a head-to-toe penis costume, “pussies” is what he calls a basket full of kittens, and he steps on actual horse poop when he exclaims “this is horsesh—!”


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