Lighting Designer Jobs! Who’s Hungry? #LightingJobs #JOL



    Time for Lighting Designer Jobs!

    I love posting these — think of it as motivation to make sure you’re taking the best care of yourself that you can.  Keep yourself up-to-date with what is going on in our beloved industries of light, and make sure that you’re not falling into the trap of “oh, I’ll update my resume later.”  No, if you’re smart, you’ll update your resume now.  Unless you’re an executive or a member of a critical department in a lighting company of any kind, or you have a skill that is honed far beyond that of your colleagues in the industry, you’re generally expendable.  Keep that in mind when you think you’re valuable, you might just be having an ego day!

    Look — even if you love your job — I love my job — you have to at least look at what’s out there, if for nothing else than to make sure you know your current industry worth.  If you don’t know what other relative positions in the market are worth to other companies, how on earth do you assume to be able to bargain at raise time?

    Here’s a small sampling of LD gigs out there right now:

    Interface Engineering in Portland, OR is looking for a Senior Lighting Designer
    One Lux Studio
     in NYC is looking for a Junior Lighting Designer
    Westlake Reed Leskosky
     in Cincinnati, OH is looking for a Architectural Lighting Designer

    Sandstone Productions in Farmington, NM is looking for a part-time lighting designer.
    The pay is pretty low considering the job, but something is better than broke.

    On Site Lighting & Survey in Buffalo, MN (that’s right, NOT NY) is looking for a Lighting Designer
    WSP Group
    in San Francisco is looking for a Lighting Designer
    Applied Minds in Glendale, CA is looking for an Architectural Lighting Designer

    An unnamed Lighting Manufacturer in Chicago, IL is looking for a Lighting Design Assistant

    i2Systems in Morris, CT is looking for an Architectural Designer — they’re an LED company

    Phoenix Zoo is looking for a Lighting Designer for their ZooLights gig — it’s a year-round position
    EVINE Live is looking for a Lighting Design Technician

    L’Observatoire International in NYC is looking for a Senior Lighting Designer

    That’s enough for today.  Good luck out there everyone, this is a job seeker’s market.



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