Jon Stewart is Leaving The Daily Show


    Jon Stewart

    Oh no.  Oh.  No.

    Ah, crap.

    You know what, everyone needs a rest.  If anyone, maybe you Jon, you have earned it, my man.  I would love to buy you a Coke sometime.

    I look forward to whatever it is you’re gonna do next, and that’s a fact.  Thanks for making me laugh so hard once I pissed myself.  Also a fact.  ask Greg Owen, I was at his house.

    Some funny shit, from the article at the NYT:

    Speaking of Mr. Williams, a frequent “Daily Show” guest, Mr. Stewart said, “See, I see the problem. We got us a case here of infotainment confusion syndrome. It occurs when the celebrity cortex gets its wires crossed with the medulla anchor-dala.”

    Noting the widespread media coverage of Mr. Williams’s woes, Mr. Stewart wryly added, “Finally someone is being held to account for misleading America about the Iraq War.”

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