Just Another (Thanksgiving) Day


    Hey everybody. How are you all doing? I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving as we start the holiday season.

    I hope most of you have managed to get the day off or at least some time off to enjoy the day with friends and family. If you’re like me, this is just like any other day except traffic was superb. I luckily have the day-shift and will be home for dinner. I’ll be joining my wife and kids and some friends, once I get off of work, for dinner. I know, call me lucky. Better yet, call me thankful because it has not always been that way.

    For some of us, myself and Jim included, the rest of our family – parents, brothers, sisters, or spouses…our loved ones – are in another city, state, or country. It’s hard.

    Thankfully, yesterday the fine man at Q2Q Comics, Steve Younkins, put out this little single panel comic for us all. It reminds us that there are plenty of us in the same situation, and they’re probably sitting in the same venue you are now.

    Theatre Is A Family

    Now, take the time to put aside your workplace problems with each other, and be thankful that you have the company, the income, the warm place to be, and a whole bunch of strangers coming your way to enjoy your work – even if they don’t see it that way.

    Now, go unto the people and make the day awesome!

    *hugs* Fox (and Jim)

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    1. I’m way late I know but I’m always grateful to share thanksgiving with my tech friends. They truly are my surrogate family

      • Never too late. In fact, if it weren’t for my Christmas show family in Hershey in 2002, I might not have gotten engaged to my wife. At dinner on Christmas Eve, they assured me it was the right thing to do! We’ve been married 11 years now.

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