SOCHI OUCHIE – Far Right Olympic Ring Afraid to Come Out of Russian Closet


    Ok, it’s not funny.  Well, it’s kinda funny.  It would be less funny if Russia wasn’t generally a douche about things like human rights; you know, if, say, Canada’s rings had malfunctioned, everyone would be apologizing and Twitter would be afloat with comments like “ohh, sorry” instead of the ones that are up there right now, like ‘Oops. Malfunction! One of the massive Olympic doilies is broke. Someone must pay!’ and ‘£30Billion and they couldn’t even get the rings right!

    Oh, Russia.

    But seriously though Pootie Poot, don’t shoot a stage hand for this.

    Thanks BBC News, Metro UK!

    …and for all of you people out there who would rather have the Sochi Ouchi read to you, I’ll let Christina Marie tell you allllll about it:

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