From the WTF Files – Ladies and Gentlemen, A DMX-Controlled Fire Machine

hahahaha – “spray the fire”

I had no idea that something like this existed until I saw it from your buddy and mine, Big Clive.  Clive apparently got one of these from China; it’s powered by an electric spark, an aerosol can (like air freshener), and a spring that basically pushes the aerosol canister into the block that sprays the aerosol gas.  What blows my mind is that it’s DMX controlled.

Holy moly.  DMX controlled fire.  Better hope you didn’t track that through all of your cues in Act One!  From Big Clive’s YouTube channel:

Internal examination and demo of a typical Chinese fireball and flame jet type of effect that I bought purely to take to bits. Note that I used a can of air freshener as the fuel source inside the unit and this is not endorsed in any way by the manufacturer of the unit or indeed the air freshener. 🙂 The official fuel cannisters are probably either butane/propane with or without added flame colourants. I used the can of air freshener because it was a handy can of butane with a dip-tube that goes to the bottom of the can so that a mist of fuel is sprayed from the nozzle. While it would be nice to be able to use standard cans of butane refill gas, they only produce a small blue flame because the amount of gas coming from the jet is much lower than could be achieved with the mist of a dip-tube can. The resultant small flame mixes more thoroughly with the available air producing a low intensity blue flame.

Most standard cans of air freshener are quite tall and may not fit in some units without a hack on the spring loaded base. The one I used was actually too short and I had to use an inverted metal chutney dish to centre it and raise it to a good height. The short stubby aerosol air fresheners used in timed release units are no good because of the single shot dosing valve built into them. Not all air fresheners use combustible propellants. The Puresse range by Ambi Pur make excellent fireballs. Keep in mind that any ingredient in the freshener will be incinerated and may be toxic. But then, they were probably toxic before they got burnt anyway.

Do not use air fresheners in this way and never do anything like this indoors as everyone in the vicinity may die etc….

Check this out:

Thanks a lot for being so awesome, Clive!

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