Will You Take A Moment to Donate to JimOnLight.com?



    Good morning, world!  I hope this finds you well, and I hope you woke up happy and healthy!

    I’m very humbly writing this post to reach out to our extended Reader Family — Fox and I make JimOnLight.com for a world readership of 193 of the 196 independent countries across Earth, and we’ve covered things from the amazing to the mundane and everything in between over the last six years.  We’ve been growing full-speed every day ever since I wrote the very first JimOnLight post back in 2008!  I’m doing this full time now, and I’m reaching out into the digital international to ask a small but urgent question:

    Will you take a few moments and donate to JimOnLight?

    We’re not looking for tens of thousands of dollars, we’re just trying to raise between $7500 and $9900 to cover the costs of server space, maintenance, relocating, and allowing us to keep writing JimOnLight.com for you!

    If you have a few extra bucks sitting around somewhere and want to help us out, click on the donate button just below here — it takes just a few seconds, and you can donate via credit card if you so desire, it costs you nothing!

    We’ve also cut our advertising space costs over 65%, so if you’re a company wanting to get your wares seen in front of one of the top most dedicated readerships in all of the Lighting Industries, get ahold of Jim through email at jim@jimonlight.com or the contact form, at jimonlight.com/contact.  We’ll look forward to your email!

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