JOL Sunday Flickr


Oh yeah, installation #2 of the newly titled JOL Sunday Flickr!  I hope this has been a relaxing weekend for all of you who read this blog — and obviously those who don’t, but JOL readers rock and they get first preference in my heart!

Something awesome to check out:  Morgan Freeman narrating a series called Through the Wormhole.  This sh*t is awesome, I highly recommend it!  Laura has turned me on to the show (as well as to Ancient Aliens and Fatal Encounters
, which is a freaky but awesome show too), and I know that you’ll love it.  Get ready for brain explosion, this is some heavy stuff.

Check out this week’s JOL Sunday Flickr — lots of great shots!

Summerset 2012

Tribal Breakup

Ben Folds Five

Brookfield Place Fountain (Detail 01)

Luminous Dynamo

Red Light Jubilee


Nocturna Luminaria

Have an excellent rest of your Sunday night, everybody!

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