Sunday JimOnLight Flickr Group Photo Pool


    three kings of lighting online at PLASA 2012 — Rob Sayer from, Jim Hutchison from, Justin Lang of

    Happy Sunday, everybody! I’m back from PLASA 2012 in London, and I think I am finally caught up with sleep and no longer grumpy (sorry, principessa) after a grand return. I had a blast, saw some of my favorite people, met new favorite people, and didn’t sleep much! As usual, a standard trade show experience.

    I signed into Flickr this morning to write a Sunday Flickr Group post, and I nearly jumped out of my chair with excitement.  This was an AWESOME day to check out the Pool!  Lots and lots of great images were just added by a bunch of great photogs and light artists — it’s totally worth a few minutes’ worth of black background photo gazing!

    Check out today’s selection — it’s huge!

    "Love" Light Graffiti


    The Lenser Orb Challenge

    Tree and Me - Brimham Rocks

    N.D.B.C - I'M SEXY I KNOW IT - Today's Explore at #1 on Fluidr



    Metal & Light


    Oriole Park, Toronto

    Face Down Olympic Gold!

    Sunset Showoff.


    The Calamari Sisters' Big Fat Italian Wedding

    Deference of the Departed

    A Chorus Line Rendering

    Happy Sunday! I hope it is a relaxing and very chill one for each and every one of you out there!

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