Big Ups to The Oatmeal for Mad Props to Nikola Tesla


    In case you aren’t an avid follower of The Oatmeal (@oatmeal), you should be. If today’s posted comic about Nikola Tesla doesn’t say enough about why you should follow along, then you are probably a web crawler and are just going to catalog this with no emotional understanding. Oh well, your loss web crawler – especially since you wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Tesla.

    Now, for everybody else who gets it – get this:

    Click on the graphic to see the entire page from The Oatmeal.

    That’s only the first portion of The Oatmeal graphic. Want the rest? Click here and view on!

    Thanks to The Oatmeal for this awesomeness!

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    1.  Big fan of Oatmeal and it’s a nice change to see a true pioneer given the praise they deserve.

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