Sunday JimOnLight Flickr Pool


Well, I’m in Canada!  I finally got my visa, as you might have read earlier this week.  I’m working my ass off up here, we have lots in the pan right now.  I’m also writing and working on the first JimOnLight TV episode, and let me tell you – I am not a video editor by trade.  It is some hard shit that takes tons of time!  Ask Jeff Waful!

Hahaa as far as my romantic life?  I think there is a good saying for that:  “It is only once that you’ve hit rock bottom that you bounce.”  I think I should go out more.

HEY HEY!  SUNDAY JIMONLIGHT FLICKR POOL!  Check out this week’s gems!

Hanging lamp

in the heat of the fired wing we rise again...

Tate Modern

Lady Justice

Piano Stomp


Paris Exposition: night view, Paris, France, 1900

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