Lazerian’s Paper Folded Light Shades


Liam Hopkins’ Manchester design/maker lab Lazerian has put out a very cool series of paper-folded, laser cut beauties based on the stars in the Summer Triangle – Altair, Deneb, and Vega.  You might know Vega from that crazy movie with Jody Foster and Matthew McConaughey where the guy built the second secret space satellite sender-thing.  Yeah.  Jake Busey blew it up, remember?  All sneaky and angry evil fundamentalist Christian-like?

Ah, Jake.  At least the old guy built another one in the middle of nowhere.

Oh yeah, Lazarian’s lamp shades!  Check these out:

Now do these lamps not look like the little dinoflagellates I posted about back in October 2011?

Naturally occurring forms are so beautiful.  it’s amazing to me that we don’t incorporate more of this kind of design into our lives, simply because we are only human, and nature has shown us so many better ways to do things!

Definitely check out Lazarian’s website, and I hope this provides a great start to your morning!  Happy Monday, everybody!

Thanks, Inhabitat!

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