Boa Design’s Neoline Lamps


I love designs like this, with some sort of exposed elemental aspect – like the Edison reproduction lamps that have made their way around the world as a lamp of embellishment:

Seriously, I have like seven of these.

ANYWAY (apparently I am rambly today), check out these lamps from Boa Design – the series is called Neoline:

They’re quite beautiful forms, aren’t they?  I would put one of these in my place pronto, they are quite illuminating (WAA WAAAAH) in my humble opinion.

I particularly like the one in the middle, that oval form is just stellar!  Check out Boa Design‘s website, and definitely check out any media you can find on the Czech Selection Design Festival, it just closed, literally – last week, I believe!  Boa Design is Petr MikoÅ¡ek and Michaela Vrátníková, two apparent badasses of light.  I like it.


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