Krstyna Pojerova’s Glass Greenhouse Lamp


This lamp design project is quite an interesting mix of two things we really need – illumination (in the form of a pendant lamp), and perhaps a miniature herb garden…  ABOVE THE KITCHEN TABLE!

Check out designer Krstyna Pojerova‘s Glass Greenhouse Lamp – and a bit about the lamp from Krstyna’s “web gallery” as she calls it:

The Glasshouse is a designer lamp which aims to satisfy the desire for fresh herbs in a city kitchen.  Its shape was inspired by growth of plants.  The herbs are planted inside the glass lamp along its wall in a kind of gutter around a central opening.  This opening not only facilitates easy access to the herbs and the passage of light from an electric bulb hanging up in the lamp but it also ensures adequate ventilation enhancing natural microclimate.  All this is basically about making use of the otherwise useless waste heat of the bulb. You can easily regulate the bulb with a dimmer placed over the lamp.

Krstyna is a student at AAAD in Prague – and she has some interesting projects in her repertoire!  Like this one, for example:

Krstyna, I dig the way you think!

Thanks, DesignBoom!

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