HOW Does Solar Work? Jon Stewart Style!


    This is some funny sh*t.  Fox just sent me this, it has to be posted and linked all over the freaking place, this is too funny.  Talk about a perfect example of how solar works, right into the pockets of big oil and big coal!

    Original post here, thanks!

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    1. Actually, it’s not all that funny. A buddy of mine works in the solar industry and they are using fibre optics to pipe light into abandoned natural gas domes which have been converted to algae farms producing bio-gas. It’s a perfectly plausible way to solve the energy storage and distribution problem inherent with solar and other “green” technologies.

      • It’s KINDA funny, Karl. The general irony of it is pretty funny to me anyway, until solar gets a real share of the grid. Then none of it is funny. Then is when I’ll go do cartwheels down Hudson street here in Oklahoma City wearing a tutu.

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