Houston, We Have A No-Go on that JimOnLight.com New Jersey Trip


    Well, uh, I’m not going to make it to Secaucus to hang with Chris Conti and the PRG team tomorrow, as well as not getting to see U2.  Do you know who we have to thank for this?

    Oh, he’s cute alright.  But I think that I adopted a ninja serial killer special forces kung fu master kitten.

    I was moving from the bedroom with my suitcase, and Lumen ran right between my feet, causing me to lose balance as not to trample the little guy.  As I turned, I think my foot came loose from my sandal, because it caused me to kick the dining table as hard as I could with my left foot.  I have three broken toes, a badly sprained ankle, and a kitten who just wants to snuggle while I sit here all goofy from pain meds.  It has to be a conspiracy.

    Sorry about the tease there folks, I will certainly be rescheduling this trip soon, so we’ll have a beer together soon if you’re in the NYC area.

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    1. Just think how traumatized poor Lumen is from what I am sure were loud yells of pain. Poor thing.

      In all seriousness, heal up fast!

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