I Think I Agree with Jon Stewart On EISA 2012 Right Now


I think this is kind of a very weird thing for me to say, but right now in Capitol Hill our Congress and Senate are debating the Energy Independence and Security Act (PDF link), and I think that it’s something that can wait until the rest of the bulls*** is solved and our politicians stop acting like a bunch of five year olds over this debt ceiling nonsense.  I mean, what do they really think they’re going to do?  Default?!  Come.  ON.

Take a moment and watch this Daily Show clip, you won’t regret it.

A snippet:
“It’s not, ‘Let’s all chip in a buy a keg for the party,’ it’s ‘Buy me a keg or I’ll burn your f***ing house down.'”

There is a big post coming in the next day or so about EISA 2012.  Stay tuned for that, I’m trying to demystify it as far as possible.  While the government works on getting this simple thing fixed (yeah, simple, I said it) then me and the world’s network of lighting bloggers and lighting professionals will try to hash out this other bulls*** for you.  I get the feeling that Jon Stewart will want to turn to us anyway for the real deal on all of this once all this other crap is no longer news.  I could be wrong though, Stewart’s a pretty smart and funny guy.

Thanks for the image, Maru!

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