Jax’s Link-O-Rama: Lampshade On Head Edition


    Hi everyone!  I didn’t title this the “back from the dead” edition, but I suppose it might as well be.  Didja miss me?  While Jim’s off doing Shakespeare in the Park, I thought I’d stop in and show you some pretty pictures.

    I’ve got a new addition to my home: my new drafting desk, where I can draw to my heart’s content, and upon which is clamped the mount for the external monitor I like to use for computer drafting.  I’m lucky enough to have a full wall of east-facing windows, but I need a lamp for those late-night drawing sessions.  Here are some I found, along with some gorgeous chandeliers (they’re having a design competition over at Inhabitat, so there are a bunch of links from there–pop over right now and vote for the finalists!):

    Found this here.  It’s true, you know.

    After all those fabulously inventive recycled-materials lamps, I think I might need to try making one of my own to set on the corner of my desk!

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