Aura Рby Beatrice Durandard and Oc̩ane Delain


Designers Beatrice Durandard and Océane Delain have brought something new via something old to the market – a huge ratan LED lighting fixture that has a serious presence.  Meet Aura:

The designers have woven flexible LED strips into the frame of this handmade ratan fixture.  Look at the presence of that thing!

Whether it’s mounted in a chandelier-esque fashion or you mount it as an indirect illuminator, the Aura fixture is pretty beautiful.  It’s the kind of design that I looked for in Sweden when I was at KTH.  This lamp is elegant without being obnoxious – a great addition to any large room.

Check out more images – this thing is beautiful!  Also, check out Beatrice Durandard’s website – I couldn’t find one for Océane Delain, unfortunately.

Thanks, DesignBoom!

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