Did You See the Lunar Eclipse?


That’s right, we had a lunar eclipse last night!  Most news organizations were touting the eclipse, since it’s the only one we’ve had since Galileo Galilei was actually in JAIL for claiming the world was round!  Ah, the intelligence of the ignorant.

So anywho – check out some images of the eclipse – it was pretty hard to see from where I was, as we had some cloud cover.

23° 26'

Tioga County - The moon (12/19) in anticipation of the 12/20 lunar eclipse

A Pre-Christmas Treat


and perhaps another treat – for those of us amateur photogs trying to capture the moon, a “photographing the moon” guide from Shoot Tokyo!

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  1. Eclipse-schmeeclipse. I ran outside in the middle of the night only to see the moon eclipsed by the ever-present cloud cover in the fair state of Ohio……tropical island, anyone?

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