LDI 2010: Coemar’s Booth


Another installment of LDI 2010 on JimOnLight.com for those of you who couldn’t attend this year’s show, or just wanted to remember that which you had forgotten because of tequila.

Normally Coemar has one of my favorite booths – it’s always big, bright, and full of moving beam goodness.  I still appreciated the heck out of the Coemar booth, but someone placed a booth right in front of the Coemar booth – so all of the grandioseness of the Coemar experience was kind of hindered by the big truss dodecahedron placed right in the way!

Check out the few shots I got of the Coemar booth at LDI 2010:

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  1. Hey Jim – just so you know, the booth directly in front of the coemar booth was part of it all. Since Coemar is distributed by LED Source / GearSource – we were all together – across the aisle.

    Glad you liked the booth. We all worked pretty hard on it.


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