Anzfer Farms’ Found Wood Fixtures


I have been meaning to put a post up about these interesting fixtures from Anzfer Farms, a design firm from San Francisco.

I have to admit that kitschy, “cute” little fixture designs normally annoy the living hell out of me.  Fixtures you might see at places like Garden Ridge, little vases with light bulbs inside or some stupid looking garden thing with a lamp jammed in it – those things are just ridiculous.  For the most part, I believe that atmosphere can be created by something like that, but to me it just isn’t my thing.

These found wood fixtures are totally my thing, though.  I absolutely love these, and there is just something about them that appeal to me.  The cool thing is that Anzfer Farms is selling them VERY cheap – between 40-50 bucks I think – so jump on these.  If I had extra scratch going on right now, I’d have two!

Check out some pics, and definitely check out the Anzfer Farms’ website!

A little about Anzfer Farms:

Anzfer Farms is a workshop and showroom located in the Central Richmond area of San Francisco. Started by long time friends Jonathan Anzalone and Joseph Ferriso in 2009 as a place to create unique objects and installations. Our backgrounds in the arts encompass a diversity of practices which influence our furniture and object design. Working primarily with reclaimed wood Anzfer Farms seeks to create strong and elegant pieces exploring modern ideas of color and form.

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