Ikea’s NEW Solar Lighting – I Hope It’s Better Than Their OLD Solar Lighting


This last week, home and Swedish meatball store Ikea launched some new solar products for the new year.  Meet the new Solig line of Ikea lighting – there is a table lamp, a floor lamp, this crazy light tube thing, and some garden-ball-esque lights for your – whatever:


You know, a long time ago (the summer before last) I bought one of Ikea’s Solig table lamp bubble things with big hopes in mind – it was solar, battery power storage, auto-light-sensing, and it came apart very easily.  However, after about two weeks of use, it epic failed and stopped holding a charge.  I think it was ten bucks, which isn’t a fortune, but for something that is in the sustainable category it was a major, major disappointment.

I hope this stuff is better.  After all, Ikea gear is designed by people who are told to design something for a pricepoint of manufacture, not for any goal of sustainability or lasting.  Have you ever tried to fix or repair something Ikea that broke?

Here’s a pic of my old Solig lamp – the base and the half-globe together, and then a detail shot of the LED cluster and PV panel:



Below are pictures of the new line – I just hope they’re more reliable than the old line.





Thanks, Inhabitat!

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