The 2010 and FAT-OFF



For about 3/4 a decade now, I have done a lot of living.  I’ve toured shows, I’ve designed some of my best work to date, I married my amazing wife, and I started to share any of the knowledge of light that I have with anyone who wants to learn.  It’s been a good decade.

Not everything is great in my life though, and it’s all my fault.  I’m a big guy – and not big in a Notre Dame linebacker kind of way, more like a McDonalds Cheeseburger Connoisseur kind of way.  I never used to be a big guy – I was a relatively fit dude up until I graduated from undergraduate school.  I am really tired of being a fat guy, and I am as of today making a change in my life that I hope will affect my future, my wife, and my existence.

In all of this decision making, I realized that I had a partner in all of this overweightedness.  All the while Justin Lang and I from have been competing for your attention online, we have become good friends.  We also both realized that we don’t want to be fat guys anymore, so we’ve decided to use our sense of competition to force ourselves to drop some weight.  So, without further adieu, this day officially starts the 2010 and FAT-OFF!

Today, I weigh in at 238.6 pounds, and Justin weighs in at 244 pounds.  My goal weight is 175 pounds.  I haven’t been 175 since high school.  Justin’s goal weight is 170 pounds.  Our contest deadline is July 1, but I assume it might take another month or two to hit my goal.

Justin and I will be competing for the largest percentage of weight loss between now and July 1, 2010.  As far as prizes and all of that goes, I have my own idea for prizes between the two of us:  no more blood pressure meds, no more being out of breath when I tie my shoes, and spending maybe another decade or two with my wife instead of dying from too many cheeseburgers and bacon, regardless of how delicious they both are.  Also, not to be overestimated, bragging rights.

Justin and I will be tracking our competition with the free iPhone app, Lose-It!.  Let me say the most important part of that again – FREE.  More information will follow this post in coming days and weeks.

If you are feeling froggy and want to jump into this competition to join our rebellion against our bellies with your own weight loss challenge entry, I’m listed on Lose-IT! as, and Justin is listed as  I’m tracking everything from exercise to food intake, just to make it even harder for me to cheat.

It’s time to change my life so I can keep lighting the world.  What’s your goal?

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  1. Okay, fatties, I’m in! I was at 275 last time I weighed in, and my goal weight is 195. There’s no way I’m making that goal by 7/1, but I can still beat you two lightweights by percentage (heh heh, get it, light – weight, lighting joke AND a fat joke all in one! No, oh well, so much for quitting the day job…)

  2. Excellent post. You’ve got a new fan. You must keep it going and I am looking to review your next posts.

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