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Remember the Vu1 lamp?  The lamp that uses ESL, or electron-stimulated luminescence technology to create light?  There’s been some news about it lately that is noteworthy – and they posted a video about the product.

Vu1, which changed over its name from the Telegen Corporation in May 2008, has been working pretty hard on this product from what I understand.  I’ve been watching their stock as of late, looking for information on how the lamp was progressing.  Funny enough, here comes this bit of news.  Who knew?

Right now, Vu1 is still working on development on putting this technology into play.  From the Vu1 blog:

“Demonstrating our technology’s ability to function as a stand-alone bulb is an important step as we move into the next key phase – miniaturization of the electronics in preparation for pilot production,” said R. Gale Sellers, CEO of Vu1. “We are now focused on transitioning our initial bulb design toward a market-ready product so consumers don’t have to compromise on safety, energy efficiency or light quality when choosing their light bulbs.”

Check out this video of Vu1’s ESL lamp:

Okay, interesting!  Now, if you remember correctly, there are a couple of things to know about the ESL lamp:

  • it’s rated at about 6,000 operating hours (near a CFL’s operating hours)
  • I am making a guess here – but I think the cost is going to be between $25 and $35 per lamp
    (which is around 5 times less expensive than a recessed mount LED lamp)
  • ESL lamps are made in the Czech Republic
  • ESL lamps have a very similar spectral distribution to those of an incandescent lamp
  • ESL lamps will have a power factor of greater than 0.93
  • zero Mercury, unlike CFLs
  • smooth dimming and fading, no burps or stutters

I am trying to get my hands on a spectral distribution diagram for the ESL lamp – as soon as I get it, I’ll post it.

If you follow lighting stocks like me, Vu1 is under VUOC on Google Finance.

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  1. According to Vu1, their target price on their R30 bulb is under $20.00. They are looking at the same price for their 4′ tube style bulbs.

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