POLL: What Time of Day Do You Read JimOnLight.com?



I am interested in fine-tuning the posting schedule according to how people read JimOnLight.com – I’ve always posted most things starting around 6am central, and I spread things out as the day goes on.  What time of day do you read JimOnLight.com?

If you’re an RSS feed reader, could you vote in the poll below?  Pretty please?  Feeders are readers and are just as important to me as everyone!

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.
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  1. I feed read in bulk when I have time (100+ per day) so your posting schedule doesn’t impact my reading terribly… though I take it in two separate swaths generally at lunch and then at 11ish at night.

  2. I’m with Travis. I read most of my feeds whenever I have time. I usually have about 90 minutes in the morning between getting my son ready for school and the time I have to get ready for work and then another chunk of time (either right after work or right after the kids go to bed) to read again. I don’t really see anything in your RSS feed that is time intensive (i.e. need to read right away), so it gets read in one of those times.

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