REMINDER! The iSquint and JimOnLight Light Plot Deconstructed Contest!



You didn’t forget, did you?  We have so many entries – the contest ends at midnight tonight for a signed copy of Greg Hillmar’s book, Light Plot Deconstructed, about light plots and all of the wonderful things that are involved.

As in all contests on JimOnLight, this one is just as easy — to be entered into the completely random drawing for the last signed copy of Greg’s book, all you have to do is leave a comment on THE ORIGINAL CONTEST POST, here. Leave your name, email address (which will of course not be published or shared with anyone), and if you’re feeling generous, leave me a note!  I LOVE your notes!

I will be running this section of the contest from right now until October 30, 2009 at midnight central time.  Once the contest is closed, I’ll just stop allowing comments on the original post.  Good luck, and thank you so much for reading JimOnLight and iSquint!

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