I’m writing this post at 3am in the Arlanda International Airport in Sweden – today is a travel day for me.  I’ll be getting on a plane to Frankfurt, Germany in a few hours where I will sit for two hours before embarking on an eleven hour flight directly into Dallas.  This is probably going to be a very, very long day, and when I get home it will only be 2:30pm.  Crazy jet lag time awesome!

    Tonight I left the dorm house where I had lived with eleven of the most excellent people I have ever had the chance to meet.  Sweden, as little as I got to see of it, will never compare to the friendships that I was given for coming here.  Jamie, Francisca, Tatiana, Orqui, Saghi, Kunal, Gustavo, Guoliong, PK, Por, and Nicolas – I won’t ever forget you.  Thanks for making my time in Sweden so awesome.

    I can’t wait to see you, United States of America!

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