Roll An Extension Cable into A Lamp: Creighton Berman’s Coil Lamp



Creighton Berman’s Coil Lamp is a new release from the designer – imagine a small two-piece rig of clear acrylic material that you wrap an extension cable around, creating a luminaire reminiscent of a shade lamp.  Slap a lamp in the middle, and there you go.  Done.  From Creighton’s product page on the Coil Lamp:

Coil Lamp reduces the domestic lamp to the absolute minimum of defining elements. A single electrical cord coils around what appears to be an empty volume, defining the iconic form of a table lamp and ultimately powering a single light bulb.

The entire form is created exclusively from a single 100 foot extension cord that has been wrapped around a laser-cut clear plexiglass form. This simple transformation elevates the status of the humble, everyday extension cord to the realm of high design.

Originally created for “Deceptive Design”, an exhibition of conceptual furniture shown at the Chicago Cultural Center from October 2008 – January 2009.

For $150, you can get a hand-coiled version of this fixture, or for $75 you can roll your own, per se.  Just be forewarned, you have to provide your own 100′ extension cable (that’s 30.48 meters for all you metric readers).




Thanks, TechnaBob!

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