Hej, jag är i Sverige.


    I’m here.  Besides sitting next to this German guy who had wicked farts the whole flight (probably shouldn’t have had that second helping of bread, dude) I am extremely impressed with Scandinavian Air.  I mean, come on – FREE DRINKS for Economy Class!

    But enough about that:


    Lugging two 50 pound bags around Stockholm City Station, getting laughed at every time I ask someone FörstÃ¥r du engelska? and having a great walk around Handen looking for a fan for my dorm room and some groceries took up the majority of Wednesday.  The dorm room is of typical single room size – a bed, a sink, a desk-y thing that works just fine, and places to put my stuff.  Except for that it’s in SWEDEN!

    Today should be pretty interesting – a tour around Stockholm with the main campus folk, and lots of new pictures coming.  Stay tuned for an update!

    (PS, I know the image says “entrance.”  But apparently I am 12.)

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