Marcel Wanders’ Can-Can Lamp


I came across an interesting fixture design a few days ago – what was even more interesting than the fixture I found was the designer himself.  The fixture is called the Can-Can Lamp, and is very reminiscent of a flowing, very full dress:


The fixture itself is streamlined and smooth, but the diffuser inside is full and creates a nice light through the folds of the material acting as the diffuser.  It’s an interesting design to me because the fixture seems to portray not only its designed function, but makes an interesting statement on the form of the light – it is able to illuminate while also giving some context and variation to the illuminating surface.  See below:


Marcel designed this fixture for the retailed FLOS.  Marcel’s work is all pretty interesting – check out his portfolio, and check out the Skygarden fixture, which really struck me as pretty gorgeous.

Thanks, Daily Icon!

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    • Livinder, I’m not sure of the material – but it appears to be some kind of crinoline or bleached muslin. It might even be paper, I’m not sure. I have an email in to the designer to find out!

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