WaterTherapy: The Coolest Shower Head I’ve Seen


Italian company Guglielmi has created a quite stunning luxury variant of the regular ol’ shower head.  A 480 stream shower head using 480 LEDs (that’s one per stream, for those of you keeping score) and utilizing color programs (9 single color and 2 multi-color fading) to give you a color therapy experience in the shower.  The WaterTherapy head also utilizes the European standard on water conservation – the images don’t show a laminar flow from the jets per se, but I would love love love to try out one of these.

If there’s one thing I love, it’s light.  If there’s another thing I love, it’s high water pressure in my shower.  I can imagine a nice blue mist crashing down on my exhausted back – I’d probably just lie in the tub and enjoy the light show!

I couldn’t find a price for this puppy, but I get the feeling it’s not on clearance.

Check out some images:



Thanks, Trendir!

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