What? New Fixture Designs That Are Just… Yeah.


I keep running across these crazy fixture designs lately that are either called “art” or are to be taken seriously.  I am sure that I am leaving the door open for myself to be humiliated when I come out with a fixture, but sometimes I cannot help but bring these designs to the site for you to either love or hate, or some cross-pollinated hybrid of emotions.

First up on the block is the Espresso Light from QED Design, retailing at 49 Euros, or $70 USD:

It is an espresso pot with a lamp inside.  When the lid is lifted, the light comes on.  When the lid is closed, the light turns off.  It’s as simple as that.  But where, I ask, do you keep this?  What room in your home, exactly?



Next up, the Self-Reflecting Lamp from Oliver Schick Design:


It, uh – well, it’s a piece of art, right?  Besides the little bit of light coming out of the ventilation slots on the bases, it could be a heater, or a lamp killer from all of the heat generated inside of the little sphere of reflectors.  It’s definitely interesting.  It looks more like a science-fiction home energy generator, doesn’t it?

Maybe I’m just not hip enough to get it yet.



Thanks, Yatzer and The Design Blog!

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