Top Ten Posts at, So Far


    I was curious today about what the top ten visited posts ever were on – I am always amazed at what is liked, disliked, and requested from everyone.  Keep the requests coming, I am ever so grateful that you read the site!  I am excited to write for 10 months in Sweden, that’s certain!

    Top Ten Posts on, Ever:

    1.  Attention Lighting Designers:  You Must Read Texas House Bill 2649

    2.  PRG’s Bad Boy

    3., PAGE TWO!

    4.  Texas House Bill 2649:  What You Can Do

    5.  Texas House Bill 2649 Passes

    6.  NYC’s Empire State Building Lit for Elections

    7.  Posts tagged with Chris Kuroda

    8.  the contact page at!

    9.  posts tagged with Texas House Bill 2649

    10. posts tagged with resources

    Thank you so much for reading  It means so much to me that you do!

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