Coleman and Their 4-Panel LED Camping Lantern



I’m a huge fan of camping – I know I’ve mentioned it before.  I’m looking forward to going back to Dallas and hitting the Possum Kingdom Lake area with my buddies ASAP.  Those of us who camp a fair amount know that the company Coleman has a large market share of the consumer camping market, with their gas mantle lanterns, camping fuel, stoves, tents, and all of that other little stuff that seems to propagate at any department store wth a “camping” or “sporting goods” section.

I just read an article about a relatively omni-directional LED camping lantern from Coleman – a carryable lantern with 24 white LEDs at 5mm each, a 30 hour run time, and four sections that detach to provide four also portable LED sections.  The lantern takes 8 D-cell batteries, and the removable sections all have NiCD batteries inside.

It’s running around $70 bucks ($69.99 on Amazon) – I don’t remember how much my Coleman mantle lantern cost me back in the day, but I wonder what my good friend Ru would do without that extra Coleman Camping Fuel around to set things ablaze.

camping lantern

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