News on Texas House Bill 2649 – Committee Selected


There’s a bit of news on Texas House Bill 2649 – it is official that the House refused to concur on the bill, and that a committee of conferees has been established to view and study the bill.  As of May 29, 2009 the bill has a House Committee of five members – Wayne Smith (Chair), Doc Anderson, Bill Callegari, Patricia Harless, and Mark Homer.  The Senate Committee is comprised of Senators Bob Deuell (Chair), Mike Jackson, Eddie Lucio, Jr., Kirk Watson, and Jeff Wentworth

I am going to suggest that we email the members of the committee and let them know your constructive suggestions.  I got a message in the middle of this whole thing from Wayne Smith’s office telling me that his female staffers were a bit freaked, as people were calling with very violent attitudes.  There’s no need for that, act like a professional and contain yourself.  Their staffers didn’t make the bill, so act like a human being.

I don’t think that having regulation in our industry is a bad thing; but it needs to be in our industry, and not lumped in as something else.  This idea needs more than a few legislators sitting around making decisions about an industry in which I assume they know little.

Email for the current House Committee on Texas House Bill 2649:

Wayne Smith:
Doc Anderson:
Bill Callegari:
Patricia Harless:
Mark Homer:

Email for the current Senate Committee on Texas House Bill 2649:

Bob Deuell:
Mike Jackson:
Eddie Lucio, Jr:
Kirk Watson:
Jeff Wentworth:

Be nice in your emails – be professional.  We’re fighting for our art and craft here, so act professionally.  You represent us all.

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  1. Between the electrical code, building code, health codes, UL approvals, and contract law… Other than adding a form of Aesthetics police, what more regulation / protection of the innocent can be added to the lighting designer’s job?

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