If You Were Going to Get a Tattoo…


    I’ve been pondering over the last few years the idea of getting a tattoo of something related to light or lighting.  I’ve never had a tattoo before, and I’d probably get something small on my shoulder or chest.  I’ve thought about something simple, like the Law of Reflection (Ai = Ar), or something complex and colorful.

    What are your thoughts on a “lighting-inspired” tattoo?  I’m open to any suggestions, post in the comments!

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      • I have thought about something like that – I want to integrate that kind of thought into the overall design. Although, a black and white of GAM Sponge would be pretty cool!

    1. just dont do some of the sad ones i have seen

      avolites logo on center of chest just like superman
      vari lite logo on back of head….predateing that ad campain by at least 5 years

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