Everlast’s PVW Hybrid Street Light


I wrote a post about induction lamp technology a few days ago – a company called Everlast is producing a solar and wind powered induction lamp street light.  PV panels, a turbine, and a 70-100W fluorescent induction source.  The system as a whole is pretty sweet – the wind turbine operates at as low as 2-3 mph, and has an electric shutdown after 60 mph.  I would assume that those blades could create some catastrophic failure on high winds, as any wind power collector.

Check out Everlast’s product page on the PVW Solar/Wind Street Light.  It’s pretty interesting!

PVW hybrid

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  1. I have seen these lights in Poland manufactured by a company called EGL Energia. They look great and were working in very bad weather. A colleague told me that they have been installing these standalone lights since 2006. I was interested and checked out their website http://www.egl-energy.eu and I was surprised to see they have installations worldwide! The majority of installations have been in the east but Europe is catching up with further installations due this year. EGL manufacture the system in Poland themselves for distribution worldwide. I look forward to seeing the lights in the UK hopefully we will catch up soon!

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