CFL Insect Lights?!



I just got my first mosquito bite.  Mother%^$#% monkey sweat *&%^ crap.  Some time between the weeks of weather here in Denver with one day at 70°, the next at 40°, and the next at 70°, those little punks have gotten back out to terrorize me.  I must be SO SWEET, because they’re always EATING ME!

If it were legal, I would hunt them with my .45 – fortunately for them, it’s not.  In the mean time, we’re supposed to either buy one of those bug zappers, suck it up and let them EAT ME, or never go outside again.  I’m a sun baby, so the latter ain’t gonna cut it.  I read an article over at InventorSpot the other day and discovered that compact fluorescents are made that emit a light that deters and repels the insect invaders from whatever space your lamp sits.  Initially I had hopes that maybe the CFL self-destructed in the presence of mosquitos and other bad attitude intruders, or maybe it came with its own mosquito-murdering death ray.  Alas, it just stops them from coming around.  I guess that’ll have to be good enough!

These lamps are mostly claiming about 8,000 hours, burning about 24-28 watts.  Just from a small search, there’s a decent selection of brands at Amazon, but I love Amazon.

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