The Sky Church at the Experience Music Project


Last weekend my wife and I went to Seattle for a short little weekend vacation.  We hit the Space Needle, the downtown scene, the Pike Place Market, and a few other wonderfully beautiful places and experiences.  One of my favorites was the Experience Music Project – not so much the museum as a whole (although the music poster exhibit and the Sci-Fi Museum were great), but the Sky Church room was something of a wonderment.  Funny enough, it was the part of the museum that was free.  I could have sat in that room for hours.

The Sky Church has a very, very large video wall – 40′ x 70′ – designed by Paul Allen, the man who owns the EMP.  Gehry was the architect of the crazy structure that is the Experience Music Project – an amalgamation of curves, bubbles, and other amorphous shapes.  One of the greatest views of the EMP was from the Space Needle, looking down on it.

I took a little video of the Sky Church – check it out below:

There are Mac 700s and PARs all over this room – I think it’s about 24,000 square feet, and it’s bathed with color and movement of light.  There is some absolutely stunning programming done with these Mac 700s and the video wall – someone did their homework, that’s for sure.  A Grand MA controls the show, and is a very appropriate choice for the application.  There are small lulls between videos, but overall it’s a great light experience.  Dangling from the ceiling are flower-like rings of cloth that seem to float and ebb like jellyfish in the tide.  I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed this experience!

Check out some images of the Sky Church:









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