Warren Muller’s Found Junk and Light



Okay, maybe junk is a little excessive, maybe not.  This is a bit of a departure from what I’ve been seeing lately – a collection of “found objects” that are mixed with some light, creating these sculptures of mass stare-ability.

Stare-ability?  Wow, I guess I’m also making up words today.

A description from Warren Muller’s website:

With an enviable dexterity, Luminary Warren Muller creates fantastic lighting sculptures from found, recycled, and salvaged objects. His novel approach to these cast-aside items results in work at home in environments both modern and traditional. Recent pieces are mostly by commission and often incorporates existing chandeliers and/or the collective tchochtkes of his clients.

Check out these pieces.  Maybe you’ll get a tickle in your collective tchochtkes out of this stuff.  Warren’s company is called Bahdeebahdu, which translates into “you give me, I’ll give you.”  Well, that vehicle chandelier?  You give Warren about $200,000 for that.  It is interesting work, though!




Thanks, Cool Hunting!

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