Holy Crap, The GeoBulb is Here, and It’s Only $120



Only $120.  Oh, recession humor!

Welcome the GeoBulb, an LED incandescent replacement fixture from C. Crane, a California LED producer.  Here’s the scoop – GeoBulb is about $120, has a 30,000 hour lifespan (which is nearly 10 years), uses 8w, and is supposed to replace a 60w incandescent. It’s got 40% less heat than a CFL and 89% less heat than an incandescent – with no Mercury and instant illumination when you turtn it on.  Sounds pretty damned good! GeoBulb comes in soft, cool, and warm.

Rumor has it that the GeoBulb is unavailable until the top of July 2009.  Let’s see what happens in July.

The actual price is $199.95 for one, but $113.95 for six or more.  Go see C. Crane’s page on the GeoBulb.

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