Fixtures That Help Life Grow – Literally



Giving plants artificial light so they can do their thing is obviously not a foreign concept – plants need soil, water, and light.  I also find that they respond well to an occasional filthy joke, but that’s another blog post.  There are tons of plant stores in Denver that sell plant lighting – you should see their store front windows at night, they’re like rave lighting!

Now that the rant is over, the concept of giving plants artificial light is even more interesting when you consider adding artificial light to a growing space (you know, a flower pot).  I would love to grow a handful of fresh basil or thyme right in my kitchen in a pot that feeds the plant some light.  Designers Kfir Schwalb and Orit Magia of Studio Shulab have created just that – a pot that has a light source above with a variable height between the plant and the source.  Lightpot utilizes LEDs to feed the plants those loving rays.

Check out Shulab’s work on the Shulab website.

Meet Lightpot:





Thanks, DesignBoom!

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