VLX – Vari-Lite’s Foray into LED



The VLX let-me-tease-you advertisement.  I got a fever…  More as it hits the market.

The text under the shifter:

Introducing the VLX Wash Luminaire, the next generation of Solid-State Lighting from Vari-Lite.  VLX produces an incredibly pure, bright beam.  It comes with 630 watts of LED’s yielding 3 times the lumen efficiency of equivalent tungsten sources.  Its revolutionary modular design provides for easy swap out of optical and mechanical components.  VLX has a removable zoom system giving users the freedom to configure the luminaire with a fixed focal length of 22 degrees or a variable 3:1 zoom.  VLX produces perfect color mixing without any distracting color shadows.  The luminaire has an extensive color gamut that offers designers color choices not previously possible with other conventional subtractive or additive systems.  Color temperature is variable and can be seamlessly adjusted between 3200K and 6000K.  Color snaps and strobing are stunningly quick.  For more information, contact your Authorized Vari-Lite Dealer or visit www.vari-lite.com.

You gotta love the catch phrase – Vari-Lite gear is great, after all:

VLX.  Only from Vari-Lite.  Accelerating LED lighting.

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  1. I saw two of these at LDI-09, but they could only bring them to 40% brightness…and even that was blindingly intense.

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