DIY Bubbly Lamp Awesome


Okay, check this out – if you’re a huge nerd like me, you’ll probably dig this project.  Popular Science posted this DIY bubbling hanging lamp project, and it’s pretty cool.

You see, what I usually do is find these articles and say to myself, “self, this projcet is really cool!  I should totally build that!”  The next thing you know, it’s two weeks later and I forgot about it because I got too busy.  That is why I post this stuff here – so somebody can make use of stuff I think is pretty awesome.


It’s a ridiculously simple design – a vapor-proof/explosion proof enclosure, some mineral oil (and color), cable, a pump to generate bubbles, and a lamp.  You can buy parts from McMaster Carr or Grainger and put this together yourself, right?  Of course you can!  That is, unless you forget about it.

Check out the Bubble Light at Popular Science.

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    • You know, I have no idea! My only concern would be heat causing the lamp itself to fail. I bet that would look pretty cool, though.

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