SmarterShade – A Window Treatment With A Brain


I think it’s still sold, but do you remember those eyeglasses that would get tinted when you stepped outside from a building into the sun?  It happened automatically in the case of the eyeglasses, but can you imagine having the ability to control the tint?  If you were working in a very dark room and stepped into a July day, you’d need some serious correction!

A company called Lono has created this exact product, but for windows.  SmarterShade is a window covering product that has the ability to tint from nearly clear to dark, and all of the levels in between, as if adding a sheet of gray Roscolux to a window.  Now I want one of these for each of the four big windows on the sun setting side of our house.  I want them for the money savings in the summer as much as trying to block the glare on my screen after noon!

From the SmarterShade product page:

SmarterShade is an aftermarket window treatment solution, similar in concept to the emerging technology being called “smart windows” but designed to be easy to install for less cost than smart windows. The first generation of SmarterShade is a framed pane, similar to a storm window that can be fit into the existing window track or frame. It is lightweight, and made of a semi-rigid sheet of scratch resistant plastic. This pane is designed so that it will selectably tint at the push of a button. SmarterShade not only gives the user the ability to tint the window, but also to control the level of tinting. A window can go from nearly clear to dark. Our products can be applied to windows that are positioned in difficult places, or where a traditional blind or shade is not a practical solution. In this section we provide details of the “SkyShade” — one of our first products targeted at skylight applications.

Check out the animation below:


Thanks, EcoTech and SmarterShade!

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