Next Generation Luminaires Competition Winners


The Next Generation Luminaires competition has chosen the winners of the 2008 contest in their three categories:  Best In Class Market-ready, Recognized Market-ready, and Noteworthy Emerging.  The winners all have solid work – there were three winners in the Best In Class category, and I’ve listed their products below.  Architectural Lighting Online had an article on the winners, and comments on the judging process:

A panel of 14 judges made up of architectural lighting design professionals selected the winners from the 68 entries. The submissions were evaluated for color appearance, color rendering, application efficiency, serviceability, appropriate illuminance, appearance, and style. “I think you had the best of the best lighting designers in North America reviewing these products,” notes NGL judge Avraham Mendall Mor, partner at Lightswitch Architectural’s Chicago office and president of the Chicago section of the IESNA. “I also think it was amazing how each one of us had one particular issue they were searching for an answer to–I was looking for maintainable products, while some were concerned with glare, others with illuminance.”

The three winning products in the Best In Class Market-ready category were Journée Lighting’s AZARA LED Luminaire, WynonaLED’s Step03, and GE’s Immersion LED Jewelry Case Lighting.

Journée’s Azara LED:

The AZARA LED luminaire, by Journée Lighting, features a bold aesthetic design and innovative features, providing an attractive and efficient alternative to traditional light sources. AZARA’s housing is sculpted to not only appeal to the eye aesthetically, but also perform as an active heat sink.

Available Options:

3000K, 4000K, and 6500K CCT
12° and 27° beam angles
6W, 8W, and 10W Watt Adjust brightness setting options
24V Journée monorail or monopoint canopy

Luminaire Testing:

Light Output: 249 lumens
Power: 6.9 watts
Efficacy: 36.1 lm/W
CCT: 2911K CRI: 85



WynonaLED’s Step03:

Winona LEDâ„¢ has developed a series of step lights with features that put these luminaires at the head of their class. The STEP03 provides great lateral distribution, integral drivers, and the flexibility to modify. Three different step light styles provide the perfect solution for your next step lighting application.

Luminaire Testing:

Light Output: 454 lumens
Power: 21.7 watts
Efficacy: 21.3 lm/W
CCT: 2996 CRI: 71

Available Options:

Emergency lighting
Dry and wet location options
Custom paint finishes available



GE’s Immersion LED Jewelry Case Lighting:

With GE Immersionâ„¢ LED Jewelry Display Case Lighting, your cases will be lit with bright, uniform light that brings out dramatically more sparkle than competing fluorescent systems. Combined with the added benefits of long life, advanced thermal management, worry-free maintenance and the reliability of GE, this efficient LED system will continue to dazzle customers for many years to come.

Luminaire Testing:

Light Output: 1494 lumens
Power: 42.5 watts
Efficacy: 35.1 lm/W
CCT: 3515K CRI: 72

Available Options:

CCT: 3500K or 4200K
Lengths: Ranging from 24″ — 72″



Thanks, ArchLighting and NGL!

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    Thank you in advance for your consideration of our request.

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