Old Halogen Torchiere Conversion to Compact Fluorescents


It’s not like these things have disappeared, but do you have any of those halogen torchieres hanging out in your house?  For some reason when I was single, I always had three or four of these things hanging out.  The light is indirect, it creates a soft glow in your house, and they’re usually fairly bright – the halogen lamp inside is typically a couple hundred watts, maybe three hundred.  The bummer of these fixtures – besides the power consumption of the halogen, is that if you knock one over, you might catch something on fire as it shatters, even with the guard in place atop the lamp.

Instructables user “bben46” has posted an Instructable about converting one of these fixtures from halogen to two compact fluorescent lamps, for under ten bucks’ worth of parts, and with an energy cost savings of $260 using both lamps.

Check it out – Bben46’s Halogen Torchiere Retrofit to CFL on Instructables.


Thanks, Make and Instructables!

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  1. Someone should be shot for doing that!  I LOVE my halogen torchiere lamps!

    Am scouring the interwebz now for new dimmers and sockets for them!

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