CFLs or Dimmed Halogen Lamps?



Dimmer maker Lutron says that by dimming a halogen lamp by 30% will give you many of the same benefits as using a compact fluorescent lamp.  Lutron also says that a 3,000 hour halogen lamp will last 12,000 hours when dimmed by that 30%.

What do you think? I know that I love incandescent light – CFL light quality often tends to be sickly, and often isn’t very flattering.  Now it is getting a little better, but in my designer eyes incandescent light still renders better.  It’s also free of mercury, and I can recycle it easier.  However, CFLs do have a lot less heat exchange, and are a bit safer, especially when my cat knocks them over.  Over a longer period of time, you’re going to save more money using compact fluorescents – but it is undenyable that halogen/incandescent light looks better – at least right now.


Thanks, DVICE and Lutron!

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