Another Bulb Speaker Lamp Thing



    I wrote about something called the Sound Bulb, which was an LED lamp plus speaker thing that plugged into an Edison socket (you know, medium screw).  Now there’s something called the Bulb-Sound-Speaker – and it’s a speaker that screws into a lamp socket for power.  It’s got a little Altec Lansing speaker in it, and it’s controlled via Bluetooth to your iPod (or other personal music device, I assume).

    The company responsible for this is Castiglione Morelli Design – but last time I checked, their site wasn’t loading.  Maybe it’ll work for you.  It’s an interesting concept – and one would hope that the sound output from the Altec Lansing speaker would have a little quality.  Turning any socket or medium screw base lighting fixture into a speaker is an interesting idea – I would probably want to have five or six of them around me, which wouldn’t please my wife!


    Thanks NotCot, Design Blog, and CrunchGear!

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